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Galvanized Oval Wire

Brand Name: Dingzhou Kintai Supply
Delivery: 15days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T or LC

Galvanized Oval wire is popularly used as fencing wire for cattle and other big animals by farmers. It is also used to support the growing plants or tomatoes.

Benefits of Using Oval Wire:
High tensile fencing for animals;
High corrosion resistance with hot dipped galvanizing protection;
Easy handling with oval section shape.

Applications for galvanized oval steel wire:
Agriculture fencing;
Vineyard support;
Trellis support;
Horticulture structures.

Common Sizes for galvanized oval steel wire:
Size :2.7/2.2mm,3.0/2.4mm
Zinc coating rate:40g/m2-300g/m2
Coil weight: 25-800kg

Galvanized steel oval wire is made of high carbon steel. It is widely used in South America countries.

Technical Information:
Tensile strength: 1000-1200N/mm2
Breaking Load: 600KGF 725KGF 800KGF 1200KGF
Packing: 1000m/roll, 1250m/roll or 50kg/roll

Plastic film inside and woven cloth outside or only wrapped with plastic and PVC strip